Quickly Setup an Online Gift Registry Service

What does Bridge's gift registry software do? Retailers use our software to manage their registries. Retailers can quickly manage 100s of registries online with no upfront costs nor expensive ongoing maintenance.

What will your gift registry look like? You can customize the colors and design elements. You can add any products that you wish to your store.

Bridge bridal and gift registry example
Above: A Bridge retailer's registry home page and a bride-to-be's registry showing products

View live registry example at Bailey's

Can you add any item to your Bridge registry? Yes. You can add any item from any brand. The brand does not have to be part of the Smart Brand family.

Can you use your own registry software and just import our Smart Brand product data? Yes. You keep your existing bridal registry and just copy our product data. View a comparison between a Bridge gift registry and a 3rd-party registry here.

More questions? View our gift registry store FAQ »

2018 will be another year of record growth
Chart showing registry sales made via Bridge retail sites

In 2018, customers will purchase $14,611,041 in gifts online from Bridge-powered registries.

Bridge registry quick facts:
  • The average registry purchase on a Bridge retailer's site is $151.
  • Bridge retailers will increase their registry sales more than 101% from 2017 to 2018.

What are retailers saying about our gift registry software?
  • "Due to our Bridge registry, I have more brides registering at our store this year. They see our website and its vast offering, and they want to register with us. Bridge is boosting our bridal sales."

    ~ Sera Alioto, Alioto's Gifts

  • "We can't imagine managing our registry program without Bridge."

    ~ John Kuykendall, Glass Bazaar

  • "My first online registry was from a bride that had never come into the store. It's like our Bridge is a sister store location - but with much lower rent and more square footage."

    ~ Mandi Kirby, Indigo & Cotton

Which stores use Bridge's gift registry software?

14 Benefits of Bridge's Gift Registry Software

  1. Free.
  2. Your registry can offer 1,000s of products from Smart Brands. You save time & money, show more product, and sell more product.
  3. You can add any item you wish to your registry, regardless of whether the item is from a Smart Brand or not. You can sell any item from any brand.
  4. Your registry store updates itself. For example, new features are added for free. This saves you from expensive maintenance costs and update charges.
  5. Quick setup.
  6. Customizable design. Add your logo, customize link colors, include your store's picture, and more.
  7. Easy for consumers to use. Try a test purchase on this retailer's website.
  8. Store automatically adjusts for easy shopping on mobile phones.
  9. Registrants can create many types of registries including bridal, house warming, and baby.
  10. Registrants can easily add items to their registry via a regular computer or mobile phone.
  11. Advanced reporting features to gain insight into sales and trends.
  12. Secure checkout. (PCI Compliant)
  13. Use Chalkboard to easily share news.
  14. SEO friendly. Your registries will rank well in Google.

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