Bridge Smart Universal Login

What if There Was a Quicker Way to Browse the Web?

Bridge Universal Login

Bridge's Smart Universal Login (UNI) enables customers and businesses to login once and visit many different sites without logging in again. This solution results in more engagement between customers and businesses.

Why do shoppers and businesses use the Bridge Universal Login?
Most visitors to a website do not login, and therefore can't experience most of the site's benefits. By using UNI, users enjoy more features, view information more easily, and shop more easily.

What 'is' the Universal Login?
UNI is an account that a person or business creates via Bridge or one of its member sites.

Does a user having a UNI login guarantee access to all websites that use UNI?
No. A business that uses UNI must first grant you to access its site. A UNI account does not grant across-the-board 'universal access.' A UNI login grants the opportunity for universal ease of access.

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What Are Businesses Saying About Bridge's Social Network?

"Chalkboard helps keep customers and us apprised of promotions, news, and new items from our manufacturers. Also, it gives our regular customers new content to see each time they come to our site."
~ Chuck, Glassworks & Cheeks

"Bridge is an easy way to receive and share information about products directly from the source."
~ Cheri Stalls, Fisherman's Wife

"As a vendor, Bridge serves as a way for us to easily and efficiently share information with retailers, customers, and sales reps."
~ Alyssa Pereira, DeVine Corporation

"Bridge allows me to broadcast in one click our press clips and share creative display ideas."
~ Virginie De Toustain, Philippe Deshoulieres