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Easily Share Products, Pictures, and Prices — and Keep Them Up to Date

Bridge's Smart Products service helps businesses share and sell 1,000s of products. Your business can use our platform and product database as a 'one stop shop' to more easily share and get all the current information (product prices, pictures, dimensions, and descriptions) that you need to run your business.

Retailers, brands, and sales reps in the United States and Canada share 60,526 products via Bridge's Smart Product file-sharing service. Retailers use this data to keep their websites and in-store POS systems up to date.

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How does the Smart Product service work?
Bridge's Smart Products service is a file-sharing platform and e-commerce solution merged into one service. The service allows businesses to store and share product data (including prices, pictures, dimensions, descriptions, etc.) from major home good brands in one central secure library (database). The retailer uses its Bridge account to view and download this product data for many of its most popular brands (View Smart Product brand members). The retailer saves time by doing this in its Bridge account instead of visiting many vendor websites. If a retailer sells tens of brands, it would have to visit tens of vendor sites to get this data that Bridge has compiled and made uniform in one location. Using its Bridge account, the retailer can then turn on an online store and it will auto-populate this product data into an e-commerce site. Without any additional work, what is in the retailer's Bridge account will become an organized, shoppable website. Imagine if a brand shared all of its products with a retailer via Dropbox, and then the retailer could instantly convert this into an online store? That is what Bridge has accomplished.

Brands place their products in to the Smart Products database in order to share their items with their stores. Since retailers can instantly sell what is in the database, brands can more quickly have their products appear on their stores' websites. A brand's products will appear on the retailer's Bridge website in the same organization as the brand arranged the items in its Smart Products account. In this way, the brand helps its retailers properly organize its items, show more items, and thereby sell more. A brand only has to update an item once in its Bridge account and that change will take affect for that product everywhere in the network. This technology ensures that new products, prices changes, and discontinued products are taken care of for the retailers.

Why do we call the products shared on Bridge 'Smart Products'?
We call them Smart Products because it's as if the products have a brain inside them and they know when to get on and off the retailer's 'digital shelf.' This intelligent product approach is made possible by the brands maintaining their respective items in Bridge.

Retailer's Average Percentage Increase in Sales

Do You Want to Sell 13% More?

Retailers reported selling 13.5% more product when they used Bridge's Smart Products service. In another study conducted by DeVine Corporation (which distributes Anna Weatherley, Royal Crown Derby, and Couzon), Bridge retailers reported selling 13% more than those that did not use the program.
Average time of adding an item
Average cost of adding an item

Smart Products Are 100x More Efficient

Smart Product save you time, speed products to market, and reduce expenses.
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Do You Hate Dealing With Dropbox Files and Formatting Excel Sheets?

Skip using these outdated tools and save yourself time. With Bridge's Smart Product file-sharing service, you can instantly share product data with the businesses that you need to.

What Information Is Included With Each Smart Product?

Each Smart Product contains up to 40 different variables including price, length, width, and multiple picture sizes. Each product's data is maintained by its respective brand. Smart Product variables include:

Stock Sharing

Smart Brands may choose to share their stock with their authorized retailers and sales reps via Bridge. Only businesses that the brands approve see their stock, and they will only see it once they login.

Featured brands that currently share stock via Bridge:

Showing stock on Bridge makes it easier for authorized retailers and reps to get stock information. They can set reasonable delivery expectations and reduce calls to customer service.

Bridge offers different paths to collect stock information from a brand.

Stock sharing service cost: Free. We offer this service to Bridge Smart Brands as part of their membership service. Please contact Bridge for more information on the steps to activate this service.

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