Sell More

How do you get retailers to sell more of your product online? Thanks to Bridge, even small retailers with no web department can sell all your product on their site.

Below please find a diagram comparing a non-Bridge retailer and a Bridge retailer for the brand Anna Weatherley.

site comparison: Bridge vs. non-Bridge retailer

non-Bridge Retailer (on the left, above):
Since this retailer does not have the Bridge, it sells just 30 out of 54 available patterns. It shows pictures for just 18 of the patterns.

= Missing 24 patterns (or 45%) of Anna's patterns.
= Of patterns listed on this site, 42% do not show a picture.
= Overall, only 31% of Anna's line can be seen with pictures on this site.

Bridge Retailer (on the right, above):
The Bridge allows the small retailer to offer the entire Anna Weatherley product line.
Sells 54 out of 54 available patterns.
Shows pictures for ALL items.
= 100% for pattern and product offering.
= 100% for image offering.