Smart Products for Sales Reps
Smart Products for Sales Reps

Help Your Stores Show and Sell More of Your Product

More than 200 sale reps connect with 100s of retailers and brands using Bridge's platform.

Bridge Benefits:

  1. Make re-ordering easier for your stores. Via your Bridge account, your business name and contact information appear on your retailers' sites.
  2. Know what is selling on your retailers' sites. With Bridge, you learn about orders in real-time as they are made on the retailers' sites.
  3. Simplify your life. You can view price updates and news from brands in one spot vs having to visit each brand's website.
  4. Get new customers.
  5. Increase the number of outlets selling your products.
  6. Increase the quantity of your product offered on current retailers' websites.
  7. Control how your brands are presented online.
  8. FREE for sales reps.
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