Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Smart Products for Sales Reps
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Smart Products for Sales Reps

How will you make more money with Bridge?
A sales rep makes more commission because retailers on average sell 13% more due to Bridge (Read the report here).

How will a sale be made?

  1. The consumer purchases the item on the retailer's site. The consumer's money is transferred to the retailer's bank account. The retailer receives notification about this order via e-mail.
  2. The retailer looks at its inventory. If it has the item in stock, it ships what it has in stock. If the item is not in stock, which is likely when carrying 1,000 of items on a website, the retailer will place the order with you or the brand, whichever is your existing protocol with the retailer.

Do the brands that you represent drop ship?
If a brand drop ships, then a retailer may ask the brand to drop ship a Bridge order. If the brand does not drop ship, then the brand will mail the item to the retailer and then the retailer will mail it to the customer.

Do the brands that you represent require minimum orders from retailers?
If a brand has a minimum order requirement, and the retailer has a Bridge order in hand, it will likely first assess if the order is over the minimum or not. If it's over the minimum, the retailer places the order as a drop ship. If the order is under the minimum, the retailer may decide if there is additional product it would like to order. In order to meet the minimum requirement, the retailer may order product to fulfill the Bridge order as well as to stock its store.