FAQ for Bridge Store & Registry Services


What will your Bridge Store look like?
You control the look of your website. You can use your own website or our self-updating store ~ View examples.

Syncing and Products

Can you add your own items (non-Smart Products) to a Bridge Store?
Yes. You can add any item from any brand. The item added does not have to be from a Smart Brand to be added to the online store or the gift registry.

Domain and Access

Can you use your own domain name?
Yes. If you choose to use a Bridge Store, your URL/domain name by default will be: [yourstorename].bridgecatalog.com. If you wish, you can mask the 'bridgecatalog' part of the URL and have your domain simply be: [yourstorename].com. If this interests you, please request domain masking for your account.

Gift & Bridal Registry

Does Bridge offer bridal & gift registry software?
Yes. Bridge Store comes with an online gift registry.

How do you set up your bridal registry?
Your store comes with a free bridal registry store. No extra steps are needed to add it as a service to your Bridge Store.

How do you add a bride's registry to your store?

  1. Click on the "Gift Registry" link in the horizontal navigation near the top of your page.
  2. On the Gift Registry home page, click on the green "Start a new registry" button.
  3. Complete the information requested. Click "Submit".

How do you add items to a bride-to-be's bridal registry?
First, be sure you have created the registry to which you wish to add items.

  1. Browse to the item you wish to add to the registry. For example, you may roll over "Brands," then click on "Waterford."
  2. From the Waterford page, click the item you wish to add to the registry. Next to the item, there is an "Add to your registry" button. Click that. (View example on a retailer's site here.) That will add the item to the registry you created.

Will items automatically be shown as purchased after they're purchased?
Yes. A registry can show how many items are desired, purchased, or still needed. The site updates itself after each purchase. You can also manually make updates to these numbers to adjust the numbers to reflect in-store purchases.

Can a retailer just sign up for the Bridge Store & Registry and not the Smart Products service?

How much does Bridge cost?
Plans start at $0 a month. View plans & pricing here


Can a customer buy any Smart Product online?
By default, when you sync products with a Smart Brand, all of its products appear in your Bridge Store. Bridge Store uses a 'price floor' feature to save you from having to take orders that result in little profit. By default, this price floor feature works by only allowing Smart Products with a retail price above $50 to be purchased online. When a shopper views products below this price floor, they are shown your phone number and encouraged to call to order the item. You can change this price floor to the dollar amount that you'd like, even to $0 if you wish. Note: gift registry items do not use this price floor feature. This reason for this is that most gift registry purchases are given in the form of a gift card.

Do you fulfill the order or is it drop shipped from the vendor/manufacturer?
You choose. If you have the item in stock, you will ship it. If you do not, you'll likely wish to have it drop shipped. (Please note: a few brands do not drop ship directly to the customer.) If you do not want to have the item drop shipped, the item ordered will be shipped to your store, then you may ship it to the customer.

How do you get notified of an order?
You receive the order notification via email. The email will contain the customer's billing information, shipping information, and the items he or she ordered. Your orders will also be stored online in your Order system.

How do you get paid?
You can choose to accept or not accept credit card payments online. If we set up credit card processing in your checkout, the customer's credit card information is processed in real time. To accept credit cards is an additional service and is a small additional monthly charge. If you choose to not accept credit cards, you will receive the customer's information and you may call the customer to take his or her credit card information via phone. You can then process the payment via your in-store credit card terminal.

What payment gateway does Bridge Store use?
We use Authorize.net. We can help you set up an Authorize.net account. When we help you set up an Authorize.net account, we set it up under your business name. (We do not set it up under our name; you retain full control of it.) You can login to Authorize.net anytime to void a transaction, give a partial refund, or make an additional charge for a customer. Since it's your Authorize.net account, your business name will appear on the customer's credit card bill.

If you use your own store (not the Bridge Store), you'll use your own payment gateway.

Do you need to pay for updates to your Bridge Store?
No. Bridge Store is in the 'cloud,' like Facebook and Pinterest. As such, you'll always have the most up-to-date website. You will not have to upgrade your software (which can be expensive) or use an 'old' version of the software. Your shopping cart site will always be up to date.