Use Smart Products to Save Time & Money
Use Smart Products to Save Time & Money

Smart Products Are 100x More Efficient Than an Employee

Bridge helps you use technology to reduce employee costs.

How can your store cut its employee costs?

Let's imagine your store pays an employee $10/per hour to add items to your website. Let's imagine this person can add up to 20 items per hour. That's a good pace of about 3 minutes per item. This 3 minutes entails:

  • Retrieving an image from the brand
  • Formatting the image for your website
  • Getting a pricelist from the brand
  • Entering the product name, price, picture, description, and dimensions to your website

The average cost per item on your site is therefore: $.50 per item ($10 hour divided by 20 items).
What if there was a way to get 100X more items than this on to your site--and have product pictures look better and the price be more accurate? The Smart Products service offers this solution. Smart Products cost under $0.005 per item and offer your business up-to-date pictures, prices, and dimensions.

Employee cost:
$.50 per product
Smart Product cost:
$.005 per product
Smart Products give your
store a 100x savings
and better pictures and
more accurate information

Viewed another way, for each $1 spent on adding items manually a retailer could spend just $0.01 via Bridge and get better results.

In the above cost calculation, we estimate that adding an item manually costs about $.50. Notably, this cost does not include additional employee costs such as:

  • Time to manage employees
  • Employee benefits
  • Vacations
  • Sick days
  • Work space
  • Computers
  • Software
  • Security

As such, the cost for an employee to add an item is more than $.50.