Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Smart Products for Retailers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Smart Products for Retailers


What will your website look like when you use the Smart Products service?
You have 100% control over the look of your website. You can use your own website or our Bridge Store ~ View examples

Syncing and Products

Can you sync products with any Smart Products brand?
You can request to sync products with any of our partner Smart Brands. The brand may approve or deny this request. This is the equivalent of asking someone to be his or her friend on Facebook.

To sync products with a Smart Products brand, you will first sync with the brand. For example, if you want to sync with Herend's 4,000+ products, you will send Herend a sync request. (Syncing allows all of Herend's items to appear in your Bridge Store without any work needed by you.)

When syncing products with a Smart Brand, can your store pick only the SKUs that it carries or does it have to display all the SKUs?
You can show what you'd like. By default, you sync all of the Smart Products from the Smart Brand. Then, you can choose to 'hide' patterns or specific items. As such, your website starts with 100% of the Smart Brand's offering and then your narrow it down as you see fit. In order to better compete with Amazon and other large online retailers, we encourage you to show as many products as you can.

Can you add any product to your Bridge Store?
Yes. You can add any item that you want to your Bridge Store. Please learn more about the Bridge Store here.

Do Smart Products work with your bridal & gift registries?
Yes. Smart Products can power your bridal registry. If you use the Bridge Store, it comes with an online gift registry store.

Your business would like to export Smart Product data. What data does the export include?
The export includes complete product information including prices, professional pictures, and product dimensions. Retailers use this data to import into their own website and POS. Retailers use e-commerce software such as Magento, Shopify, and Squarespace.

What format does the export come in?
XML, Excel, and CSV.
Please learn more about the data that Bridge shares via the export feature here.


How orders are processed depends on if you are using Bridge Store or your own 3rd-party store. If you are using your own 3rd party store, then how you process orders is up to that 3rd party. If you are using Bridge Store, please view the Bridge Store FAQ here.

Domain and Access

Can you use your own domain name?
Yes. Whether you use the Bridge store, or copy our data, you can use your own domain name. When you use Bridge Store as your primary site, please ask us about adding the 'domain masking service.'

Pricing for Service

How much does the Smart Products service cost?
Plans start at $0 a month.

Does Bridge charge you a commission on orders placed via its software?
No. Plans are billed at a flat rate per month starting at $0/month. As such, you can sell items and pay us $0.

Which services are eligible for the free trial?
Bridge Store is eligible for the free trial. Bridge's data stream membership does not include a free trial.

Additional Information

Questions about the Bridge Store?
Please visit our Bridge Store FAQ page.

Have more questions about how Bridge works?
Please visit our Support Portal.

Where can I see a list of the pre-fixes that each Smart Brand has?
View Smart Brand prefixes here.