Smart Products Example
Smart Products Example

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How can your store sell more?
Show up to 100% of what a brand offers with little or no work.

Compare two retailers:

site comparison: Bridge vs. non-Bridge retailer

Retailer not using Smart Products

Shows just 10% of products from the brand. Missing pictures for most products.

Grade: D

Retailer using Smart Products

Shows 100% of patterns and products. Shows pictures for 100% of products.

Grade: A

Reduce Your Costs

How can Smart Products save you up to $46,516 in labor costs?


A store on average spends about 3 minutes adding an item to its website.

This 3 minutes entails retrieving an image from the brand, formatting it for your website, getting a pricelist from the brand, and then entering the product name, price, picture, description, and dimensions to your website.

3 minutes x 62,021 (the number of Smart Products in Bridge) = 186,063 minutes you'd need to add the Smart Products to your website.

Viewed by the hour:

186,063 minutes divided by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) = 3,101 hours you'd need to add Smart Products to your website. Assuming 35 hours in a work week, this is 89 weeks of work.

If you pay a computer savvy person $15 per hour, this would result in $15 x 3,101 = $46,516 in labor costs for you to add all Smart Products.

$46,516 does not include the cost of maintenance, such as updating prices, adding new introductions, etc. This amount also does not include your costs to manage employees, employee benefits, vacation, sick days, work space, computers, and software. As such, the cost to add Smart Products yourself is much more than $46,516.

Smart Products give your business $46,516+ worth of product for pennies on the dollar and save you time.