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What if your store could manage registries more easily?

250+ retailers use Smart Products to quickly setup and manage their registries.

Bridge boosts a retailer's registry sales by providing two services:

  1. Smart Products. Always show current prices & pictures for registry products.
  2. An online bridal registry. Our system allows a retailer to show a bride's registry contents online. Family and friends can easily buy from this registry. This online gift registry is free as part of Bridge Store.

Why use our registry services?

Smart ProductsManaging a bridal registry takes a lot of time and money. This time consists of adding prices and pictures for registry products. Bridge saves retailers this time by doing this work for them. Bridge helps 250+ retailers manage 58,000+ products from 100+ brands. With one click, all items that you wish to add to a registry are available to you. No need to take pictures or look up prices.

In addition, Smart Products makes retailers more money from each registry. Reason: Smart Products' prices are always up to date.

Retailers can use the Bridge Store or the datafeed to power their registries.

Online Bridal RegistryBridge Store gives retailers an online bridal registry. This website allows brides to register online, add items to the registry, and enables friends & family to buy these items online.


Can any item be added to a bridal registry?
Yes, any item from any brand can be added. The item added does not have to be from a Smart Brand to be added to a registry.

Can a retailer use its own registry system and get a copy of the Smart Products data?
Yes, a retailer can use any website to show our Smart Product data. The retailer does not need to use Bridge Store's registry.

More Questions?
View our FAQ for the Bridge Store

Bridge registry quick facts:

Chart showing registy sales made via Bridge retail sites

  • In 2018, customers will purchase $14,611,041 in gifts online from
    Bridge-powered registries.
  • Bridge retailers will increase their registry sales more than 101% from 2017 to 2018.
  • The average registry purchase on a Bridge retailer's site is $151.

What are retailers saying about Bridge's registry services?

"Due to our Bridge registry, I have more brides registering at our store this year. They see our website and its vast offering, and they want to register with us. Bridge is boosting our bridal sales."

~ Sera Alioto, Alioto's Gifts

"We can't imagine managing our registry program without Bridge."

~ John Kuykendall, Glass Bazaar

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