Kenzy Gifts & Decor in Lake Forest, IL

Kenzy Gifts & Decor in
Lake Forest, IL


Kenzy Gifts and Decor is a retail shop in Lake Forest , Illinois as well as a second location in Vernon Hills,Illinois . We offer exceptional gifts, dinnerware, and decorative home accents. A wonderful shop for Bridal and Gift Registries.

   Monday: 10-5
   Tuesday: 10-5
   Wednesday: 10-5
   Thursday: 10-5
   Friday: 10-5
   Saturday: 10-5
   Sunday: Closed


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How Customers are Finding Kenzy Gifts & Decor

  • Bridal Registry Vietri
  • Dinnerware Vietri Kenzy
  • Gift Registry Kenzy
  • Arte Italica Dinnerware
  • Kitchen Accessories Kenzy
  • Jewelry Kenzy
  • Olivia Riegel frames
  • Holiday gifts
  • Wedding gifts
  • Birthday gifts Kenzy

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