What are members sharing?   
What is Chalkboard?

Chalkboard is a free social network created by Bridge for businesses in the retail industry. Once you friend the businesses that you do business with, you'll see what they share. You can share news, events, industry trends, and files with your business friends.

What are businesses saying about Bridge's social network?

"Chalkboard helps keep customers and us apprised of promotions, news, and new items from our manufacturers. Also, it gives our regular customers new content to see each time they come to our site."
~ Chuck, Glassworks & Cheeks

"Bridge is an easy way to receive and share information about products directly from the source."
~ Cheri Stalls, Fisherman's Wife

"As a vendor, Bridge serves as a way for us to easily and efficiently share information with retailers, customers, and sales reps."
~ Alyssa Pereira, DeVine Corporation

"Bridge allows me to broadcast in one click our press clips and share creative display ideas."
~ Virginie De Toustain, Philippe Deshoulieres

What types of businesses use Chalkboard?
What are four reasons to try Chalkboard?
  • StrategyMore easily learn about important decisions by your colleagues, key dates about events, and more.
  • PriceFree for your business.
  • EaseReduce the clutter that other social networks confuse people with.
  • SimplifyShare files. No need to use Dropbox. Chalkboard enables you to share PDFs, .jpgs, and more.

What features are unique to Chalkboard?

Auto-posting is a game-changing feature for sharing news. If you are a retailer, auto-posting saves you from having to create content and manually repost what brands share. Your brands do the work for you. As a brand, this feature delivers the ultimate exposure for your news and products. You no longer have to wait for retailers to find the time to share what you share with them. It's automatically shared. Please note: auto-posting is optional and could be turned off if one wishes.

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Chalkboard explanation
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Pass the sales baton more quickly...
How does Bridge's social network help your business?

Bridge's network saves you time, educates your consumers and staff, and increases sales.

How is Bridge different than other social networks?

+ Facebook is for fun.
+ LinkedIn is for job hunting.
+ Chalkboard is for boosting business knowledge and sales.

Bridge vs. Facebook business comparison grade

Chalkboard is an improved version of Facebook for the business community. You choose with whom you friend with on Chalkboard.

How does Chalkboard compare to other file-sharing services?

Chalkboard offers more space and ease then Dropbox and other file-sharing services.

Chalkboard vs. Dropbox

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Top-10 Sellers email
"What are customers buying?" is a common question. As part of Chalkboard, receive our free, top-10 selling products email. This e-mail shares the secrets of what is selling from the brands that you sell.

New Introductions & Price Changes email
You can also receive a free email sharing new item and price changes from the brands that you sell. Instead of having to get tens of vendor emails, you can receive one email with information in a consistent, easy-to-read format.

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