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April 17, 2019

Thomas Nature brings functionally and authenticity together! Available in three shades: Sand, Water, and Leaf

Tags: Thomas, Dinnerware, Stoneware, Hand-glazed, Sand, Water, Leaf, Natural, Rustic, Tabletop, Quality, Thomas by Rosenthal, Water/Blue
April 16, 2019

Brighten your table with Junto Aquamarine dinnerware!

Tags: Rosenthal, Dinnerware, Taste, your life, Stoneware, Aquamarine, Colors, Mix and match, Tabletop, Style, Quality
April 16, 2019

New Phi collection by British designer Cairn Young, which features five geometric vases, giving a 3D effect?

“Ever since my father gave me a flip book as a child, I have been fascinated by how static objects can be made to look as if they are moving.”
-Cairn Young

Tags: Rosenthal, Vases, Porcelain, Cairn Young, Design, Giftware, Unique, Geometric, Functional, Quality, Phi White
April 15, 2019

New Joyn dinnerware in Mint Green. Perfect for the spring!

Tags: Arzberg, Rosenthal, Germany, Porcelain, Spring, Colors, Brighten your table, Dinnerware, Tabletop, Quality, $RSL-44020-640206-10867
April 10, 2019

A rhapsody of color and detail! 🔸NEW Medusa Rhapsody tableware & giftware🔸

Tags: Rosenthal meets Versace, Gold, Red, Blue, Versace, Iconic, Porcelain, Dinnerware, Giftware, Tabletop, Dine in style, Quality, Versace by Rosenthal, Medusa Rhapsody, $RSL-19335-403672-10263, $RSL-19335-403671-10263
April 10, 2019

The new Nature collection by Thomas is hand glazed, therefore giving each piece a unique and individual appearance. Featured colors: Water and Leaf

Tags: Thomas by Rosenthal, Colorful, Water, Leaf, Natural, Rustic, Stoneware, Unique, Hand-glazed, Quality, Water/Blue, $RSL-21730-227072-60227
April 10, 2019

TAC Stripes 2.0 is a tribute to the world renowned architect and founder of The Bauhaus and The Architects Collaborative, Walter Gropius. This extension adds a modern twist to the classic TAC collection!

Tags: Rosenthal, Germany, Porcelain, TAC, The Architects Collaborative, Rosenthal Loves Bauhaus, Bauhaus Movement, 100 Years, History, Walter Gropius, Art, Artist, Architect, Design, Dinnerware, Tabletop, Dine in style, Quality, Stripes 2.0
April 10, 2019

New Joyn dinnerware in Mint Green. Perfect for the spring!

Tags: Arzberg, Rosenthal, Germany, Porcelain, Joyn the table, Mint green, Spring, Colors, Brighten your table, Dinnerware, Tabletop, Quality
April 10, 2019

Taste your life with Junto!
New Featured Colors:
-Opal Green Porcelain
-Aquamarine Stoneware

Tags: Rosenthal, Germany, Junto, Taste your life, Porcelain, Stoneware, Mix and match, Quality, Aquamarine, $RSL-10540-405204-10867
April 3, 2019

Versace by Rosenthal’s "Butterfly Garden" dinnerware creates a whimsical garden of blossoms, berries, insects, and ornaments in a perfect palette of soft pastel shades.

Tags: $RSL-19300-409609-14720 $RSL-19325-409609-15454 $RSL-19300-409609-10218 $RSL-19300-409609-11622 $RSL-19300-409609-10222 $RSL-19300-409609-11020 $RSL-11940-409609-15253 $RSL-19300-409609-10420, Versace by Rosenthal, Le jardin de Versace
March 13, 2019

This Brillance Fleurs Sauvages Rosenthal dinnerware is produced using the finest bone china. Playful floral decorations make this dinnerware an eye-catcher on any table or countertop. Dishwasher safe.

Tags: $RSL-10530-405101-14676 $RSL-10530-405101-10262 $RSL-10530-405101-10063 $RSL-10530-405101-10123 $RSL-10530-405101-15455 $RSL-10530-405101-14030 $RSL-10530-405101-10422 $RSL-10530-405101-12741 $RSL-10530-405101-14741, Rosenthal
February 28, 2019

Gorgeous contrast of colors with Flat Black flatware and Joyn dinnerware!

Tags: Rosenthal, Sambonet, Arzberg, Dinnerware, Flatware, Joyn, Flat Black, PVD, Special Finish Flatware, Dine in style, Quality, Gray, $RSL-62712B93
February 9, 2019

Versace, a Smart Brand partner, is featured in today’s Times for its dopp kit. We don’t have these items in Bridge—just the cups, plates, and vases—but will congratulate the designer on its success here.

Tags: Nba, toiletry kit, versace, Versace by Rosenthal
Jason Solarek picture
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at Bridge
January 8, 2019

Celebrate in style with Sambonet’s “Bar Selection” in PVD
Available colors: Parfait Amour (photographed) and Cognac

Tags: Rosenthal, Sambonet, Sphera, Living, Cognac, PVD Barware, Wine cooler, Vizner, Cheers, Parfait Amour
December 31, 2018

We wish all of our friends and loved ones a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2019!

Tags: Rosenthal, Sambonet, New Year, New beginnings, 2019
December 26, 2018

Wishing everyone a Joyous Holiday Season and a Successful New Year!

Tags: Rosenthal, Sambonet Holidays, Family, Friends, New Year, 2019
December 21, 2018

Dine in style!
La Scala del Palazzo dinnerware, available in green and pink!

Tags: Rosenthal Meets Versace, Medusa, Porcelain, Dine in style, Tabletop, Design, Quality, Versace by Rosenthal, Scala Palazzo Verde
December 18, 2018

New Living serveware is a perfect addition to any holiday table!

Tags: Rosenthal, Porcelain, Sambonet, Holders, Serveware, PVD, Dine in style, Holidays, December, Family, Quality, NEW LIVING Mirror Gold + White Dish

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