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New feature:
Your product pages now look better. Previously, when a customer viewed items that lacked product pictures, your software would show a 'coming soon' image placeholder. Now, your software shows the item's brand logo.

In the example shown, the software is outputting the Tizo, Match, Chilewich, and Grainware logos.
If a brand does not have a logo in our system, then a coming soon picture will still appear for an item lacking a picture. Since Babcock Exclusives brand does not have a logo entered in the system, and the item is lacking a picture, the 'coming soon' image appears.

Feature Benefits:
+ Your results page looks nicer.
+ The items without pictures have a higher perceived value.
+ It is easier to tell items apart.

This feature extends to the Details page. If an item is missing a picture, the Details page will also output the brand logo.


New Items:

Details Page:

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Shared: July 21, 2019

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