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March 26, 2019

Great news: your Bridge is getting an upgrade in April.  Our team has rebuilt the Bridge software from the ground up. 

We're upgrading your business for free. This free upgrade is especially valuable because a new retail website costs $11,000 - $29,000 on average to setup. (Source: Atlantic Business Technologies.)

What's New in Bridge 2.0?

1. New Design.
New, modern, sleek design with more white space.

2. New Responsiveness.
Visit any page with any device. All pages are optimized for mobile--even complex pages like the Ticketing area.

3. New Features.
We've added many new features, including:
+ You can add multiple pictures to a product.
+ You can edit products more quickly.
+ You can see new registry sign ups more easily.
+ You can manage your registries more easily.
+ Customers can contact you more easily. Your Newsfeed has a ‘contact card' on the left with your key contact information.
+ Your new Bridge account will highlight its massive product offering. For retail accounts, your site's header will highlight the number of products you offer. This is very increasingly important since shopping online is increasingly about offering more selection.
+ Customer can more easily adding product to the shopping cart. Controlling product quantities will be accomplished via "-" and "+" buttons (instead of a drop down).
+ You and customers can more easily login. Login will be one set of fields (vs two). Registrants, Bridge members, and customers will use the same login field.
+ You can more easily view content on your Chalkboard, which we've renamed Dashboard. We have grouped the content. For example, recent orders are grouped together, recent news, recent review, recent prices, etc.
+ Your Gift Ideas area now has its own dedicated page.
+ When adding items, you can customize which departments appear as choices.
+ After adding a SKU, you can edit it (previously, you couldn't once it was added).
+ You can make your own slides (previously the Bridge team had to format the slides for you).

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