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Do you want to boost your Google ranking and better promote your store?

Try 'domain masking.' Domain masking is a service that Bridge offers that hides the 'bridgecatalog' part of your domain name. With domain masking, your website addresses will be 'cleaner,' you'll increase your Google ranking, and you'll enjoy other benefits.

As an example, Vieuxtemps (a gift shop in Charleston) uses domain masking. Its website urls are:

Shops of Provence (a gift shop in Greenville) does not use domain masking. Its website addresses are:

Notice how Shops of Provence's pages includes this text ".bridgecatalog".

Domain Masking Benefits:
1. Google ranks your website more highly when you have it. Bridge adds an SSL certificate to your domain, which Google likes, and your page content appears more unique.
2. Your store name will appear more prominently on 3rd-party sites like Please see the picture with this Chalk.

When a bride adds a link her registry with your store on, 'gobbles' up the domain information and then outputs it. If you have domain masking, it shows your [Store Name].com as the registry store. If you do not have domain masking, it shows as the store.

In the example shown, a bride adds a link to her registry on Shulans, an Ohio-based retailer, that has domain masking. The listing on shows "" The bride also adds another registry link, but this time to a store that doesn't have domain masking. Instead of the store name appearing, it says "".

Domain masking cost:
$10/month. Please contact us to add this service to your account.

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