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Event Date: Friday, July 13, 2018
Location: AmericasMart

You’re Invited:
10 Year Anniversary of Bridge
Happy Hour
Friday, July 13 ~ 5:00 - 6:30 pm EST
Rosse Showroom
Building 2 West / Suite 818 / AmericasMart

You're invited to celebrate with us the 10 year anniversary of Bridge.
In 2008, Bridge started its Smart Brand program that enables brands to instantly share their products with retailers. Initially, eight brands used Bridge to share a few thousand items with two retailers. Today, 120 brands use Bridge to shares 60,000 products with 300 retailers. In 2018, we'll help members sell $21 million.

We'd like to thank to DeVine Corporation and Chris Rosse. Due to DeVine and Chris, Bridge was able to start its initial sharing platform. Chris Rosse represented in the South East the original eight brands that were shared via Bridge. These eight brands were distributed in the U.S. by DeVine. Chris supported Bridge by allowing Bridge to hold meetings in his showroom and encouraged his reps to promote the platform. At DeVine, Tim DeVine and Tim Kutz were instrumental in supporting Bridge's growth.
Thank you, Chris and DeVine Corporation!

We'd also like to thank Michael Brezicky of Kitchen 2 Table who was crucial to Bridge's growth. Michael early on encouraged stores to join Bridge. Thank you, Michael!

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Event date: Friday, July 13, 2018
Chris Rosse Michael Brezicky Kitchen 2 Table

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