Sell More via Your Retailers

How do you get your retailers to sell more of your product? With Bridge, retailers with no web department can quickly sell all your products on their site.

Below please find a diagram comparing a non-Bridge retailer and a Bridge retailer for the brand Anna Weatherley.

site comparison: Bridge vs. non-Bridge retailer

non-Bridge Retailer: Since this retailer does not use Bridge, it shows only 10% of the brand's available patterns.

Bridge Retailer: Bridge allows the retailer to offer the entire Anna Weatherley product line.
Shows all available patterns.
Shows pictures for ALL items.
= 100% for pattern and product offering.
= 100% for image offering.

Start Selling Today

  1. Sign-up for Bridge.
  2. Email us an Excel file with your products.
  3. Bridge will help you import your product data.
  4. Bridge will show you how to manage your items via your Bridge account.
  5. You choose who sells your product via Bridge.
  6. Your products will appear on authorized retail Bridge partners' websites.
  7. You can add, edit, and delete products. Your changes will take place in real-time on the retailers' websites.

Read more about how Bridge works for brands on the How Does Bridge Work? page.

What Should my Excel Product File Look Like?