Save Yourself and Your Retailers Money

Your Bridge will save you and your retailers time and money. Without Bridge, a retailer spends 3 miutes on average to add one of your products to its website.

This 3 minutes consists of:

  • Retrieving the product image
  • Formatting it for the retailer's website
  • Getting pricing
  • Entering the product name, price, picture, description, and dimensions to the retailer's website.

In addition to this 3 minutes, there are additional costs including:

  • Maintenance, such as updating prices, adding new introductions, etc.
  • Retailer's costs to manage employees
  • Employee benefits
  • Vacation
  • Sick days
  • Work space
  • Computers
  • Software

As such, the cost to add your products is much more than 3 minutes. Bridge can accomplish this in just: 0 minutes.