Save Yourself and Your Retailers Money

How can your retailers save $45,712+ in labor costs?

Your Bridge will save you and your retailers time and money. Without Bridge, a retailer spend 3 miutes on average to add one of your products to its website.

This 3 minutes consists of:

  • Retrieving the product image
  • Formatting it for the retailer's website
  • Getting pricing
  • Entering the product name, price, picture, description, and dimensions to the retailer's website.

Next, let's estimate what it would take for a retailer to add all of the Smart Products offered by Bridge.

3 minutes x 60,949 (the number of Smart Products in Bridge) = 182,847 minutes a retailer would need to add the Smart Products to its website.

182,847 minutes divided by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) = 3,047 hours a retailer would need to add the Smart Products to its website. Assuming a 35 hour week, this is 88 weeks of work.

Let's assume the retailer finds a computer savvy person to add the items, and pays him or her $15 per hour. $15 x 3,047 = $45,712 in labor to add the Smart Products.

$45,712 divided by 60,949 = $0.75 per item. A retailer pays $0.75 at a minimum to add each product.

$45,712 does not include:

  • The cost of maintenance, such as updating prices, adding new introductions, etc.
  • Retailer's costs to manage employees
  • Employee benefits
  • Vacation
  • Sick days
  • Work space
  • Computers
  • Software

As such, the cost to add Smart Products is much more than $45,712.

Due to the above additional costs, you may pay $2.25/year to maintain each product. Bridge charges just $.12/year per product. If you offer 1,000 products, Bridge saves you approximately $2,100.

Bridge can give your retailers $45,712+ worth of product for pennies on the dollar and save them time.