Save Money

Save your retailers up to $44,916+ in labor costs?


To find out how much money Bridge can save your retailers, please find an estimate below of what it costs to add the products to their website.

Estimated time to add a product to a website: 3 minutes

This 3 minutes entails photographing the product or retrieving the image from the brand, formatting it for the retailer's website, getting pricelist from the brand, then entering the product name, price, picture, description, and dimensions.

3 minutes x 59,888 (the number of Smart Products in Bridge) = 179,664 minutes a retailer would need to add the Smart Products to its website.

or viewed by the hour:

179,664 minutes divided by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) = 2,994 hours a retailer would need to add the Smart Products to its website. Assuming a 35 hour week, this is 86 weeks of work.

Let's assume the retailer finds a computer savvy person to add the items, and pays him or her $15 per hour. $15 x 2,994 = $44,916 in labor to add the Smart Products.

$44,916 does not include the cost of maintenance, such as updating prices, adding new introductions, etc. This amount also does not include retailer's costs to manage employees, employee benefits, vacation, sick days, work space, computers, and software. As such, the cost to add the Smart Products is much more than $44,916.

Bridge can give your retailers $44,916+ worth of product for pennies on the dollar and save them time.

Start Selling Today

  1. Sign-up for Bridge.
  2. Email us an Excel file with your products.
  3. Bridge will help you import your product data.
  4. Bridge will show you how to manage your items via your Bridge account.
  5. You choose who sells your product via Bridge.
  6. Your products will appear on authorized retail Bridge partners' websites.
  7. You can add, edit, and delete products. Your changes will take place in real-time on the retailers' websites.

Read more about how Bridge works for brands on the How Does Bridge Work? page.

What Should my Excel Product File Look Like?