Become a Smart Brand and Grow Your Brand on Bridge

Bridge is a free, secure platform on which your business can store and share 1,000s of products (with pictures, prices, and descriptions) with your retailers.

Your retailers can use your products shared via Bridge to power their websites and gift registries. You can control how your items appear and are organized on your retailers' websites.

Currently, more than 100+ brands use Bridge to promote 59,888 products on 300+ retailers' websites.

  1. More easily show and sell your products on your retailers' websites.
  2. Increase the quantity of your product offered on retailers' websites.
  3. Increase the number of retailers selling your product.
  4. Get new customers.
  5. Control how your brand is presented online, including more control over your pricing, picture quality and descriptions.
  6. Use Bridge as an advertising platform to efficiently promote your products to existing and potential clients.
  7. Sell 13% more: Read the study showing how stores sell more

Save Money & Time

Skip outdated tools and save yourself time

Do you hate paying for thumb drives, logging into Dropbox, or formatting Excel sheets? Most businesses do.

Skip using these outdated tools and save yourself time. With Bridge's Smart Products service, your items instantly appear in all the right retail spots.

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Retailer's Average Percentage Increase in Sales

Do You Want to Sell 13% More?

Retailers reported that they sold 13.5% more product when they used the Smart Products service. In another study conducted by DeVine Corporation (which distributes Anna Weatherley, Royal Crown Derby, and Couzon), retailers that used Bridge also reported selling 13% more than those that did not use the program.
Herend costing savings by using Bridges

Which Retailers Use Smart Products?

300+ retailers use Smart Products including:

  • Tableware and gift shops
  • Florists
  • Jewelry stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Bedding & linen shops
  • Restaurant & hotel gift shops

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