Boost Your Google Ranking with Bridge
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Use Free and Easy Tools to Help More Customers Find Your Store

Almost 50% of shoppers start on If your store is not ranking well there, you’re going to lose business. Bridge offers a suite of free tools to members to help them increase their ranking.

While there are many steps that increase a business’ Google ranking, we suggest that a store concentrate on the steps below. The steps below are free and easy to perform using your Bridge Store.

1. How does Google work?

The honest answer is: no one knows how Google’s algorithm works exactly. Google keeps that secret to prevent businesses from ‘gaming the system.’ We do know what general ingredients impact your placement. These include: what’s on your web page, the number of links leading back to the your page from outside sites, reviews, social media, what actions a visitor takes (e.g. do they click a lot, leave immediately, etc.), and how unique your content is vs other sites.

2. Measurement: Google Analytics.

You will need to measure your traffic and what shoppers do once they arrive. Google’s Analytics service is a leading choice to measure this. You can add the Google Analytics tracking code for free to your site. Please visit Google Analytics to get your unique tracking code.

3. Increase Your Ranking:

We know what Google looks at in general to rank your site and we know how to track it in Analytics. Now, let’s get to work. There are two main areas in which we can group the needed steps in: A. Increasing content and B. Increasing traffic.

A. Increase the Content.
More content helps meet a few of Google’s guidelines. To increase content, follow these steps:

  1. Add your top 10 keywords to your site.
  2. Add all of your brands to your website.
  3. Add fuller descriptions products.
  4. Collect and output more reviews on your site.
  5. Add more news and events. Bridge calls news and event posts 'Chalks.'
  6. Add more product. To accomplish this, you may choose to use Bridge's Smart Products service.

B. Increase Your Traffic.

  1. Increase the number of links pointing at your site. Ask brands that you sell to point back to your site. Your Bridge account has built in tools to expedite these requests.
  2. Increase back links ~ part II. Gift registries are great for increasing back links. Registries are a triple bonus: they produce traffic, content, and reviews.
  3. Encourage reviews. Get people to visit your site and share their experiences. Reviews are a double bonus: they produce traffic and content.
  4. Motivate shoppers to complete abandoned carts.
  5. Setup domain masking for your site. This makes your content more unique and adds SSL to it. Google gives value to both of these factors.

4. SEO Case Study: Bridge Stores Beat Big Box Stores in Google

Using Bridge’s features and tools, Bridge retailers rank highly in Google.

Bridge studied how Bridge stores rank compared to big box stores. Bridge stores ranked above Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Dillard's in Google's results when searching for gift registries by state.

Bridge conducted this study by using Google 'Incognito Mode' to search for:

  • South Carolina Gift Registry
  • Alabama Gift Registry
  • Georgia Gift Registry
Bridge stores compared to big box stores when searching for registries by state. Bridge's stores are highlighted in green, Target in orange, Dillard's in purple, and Bed Bath & Beyond in pink.

11 Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking

  1. Add your top money making products and services as keywords to your site.
  2. Add all of your brands to your online business.
  3. Add more details to your products. For example, make product names more descriptive.
  4. Collect and output more reviews online.
  5. Add more news and events online.
  6. Increase the number of links pointing at your site.
  7. Invite and motivate customers to complete abandoned carts.
  8. Get brands to promote your business on their site.
  9. Setup domain masking for your site.
  10. Build a gift registry business.
  11. Add more products to your site. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by using Smart Products.