Bridge helps businesses share and sell products.

Bridge is an e-commerce platform with file-sharing and a social network built in. We combine the best features from services like Shopify, Dropbox, and Facebook into one service.

Retailers, brands, and sales reps collaborate on 120,000 home goods products from 2,200 brands via Bridge. Retailers sell these products, share these products on social media, and use the products to power their gift registries. A group of 110 brands uses the advanced Smart Products program to more comprehensively manage and promote their 60,864 products.

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Thursday, July 11 - Friday, July 12
AmericasMart / Atlanta
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Friday, July 12
Skyros Showroom / AmericasMart
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Thursday, July 11
Juliska Showroom / AmericasMart
Save the Date... Please join Juliska and Bridge to learn how to grow your Juliska business. Jason Solarek will share ...
Thursday, June 20
Dallas Market Center
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Thursday, January 17 - Friday, January 18
Dallas Market Center
In 2019, thousands of brides will register each day. This translates into millions of dollars in online sales. Don't ...
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Friday, January 18
Dallas Market Center (Suite 2420)
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What is the Best Social Network for Retail?

Thousands of business believe there is a better social network for the retail industry: Bridge

Social Media Explained for Dinner Plates...

  • Bridge pageBridge - makes buying and selling dinner plates easy
  • Twitter pageTwitter - I'm following #dinnerplates
  • Facebook pageFacebook - I like dinner plates
  • Instagram pageInstagram - here is a photo of my dinner plate
  • Pinterest pagePinterest - here's a bunch of dinner plate pictures
  • YouTube pageYouTube - here is how i use my dinner plates
  • LinkedIn pageLinkedIn - my skills include designing dinner plates

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Bridge retailers and brands at the Rosse showroom in Atlanta. Jason Solarek, Bridge CEO and Founder, shown on far right.

In 2007, New York-based web designer Jason Solarek was thinking about his clients' businesses over a beer. He knew that Karen, who owned a retail shop in New York, was adding the same items to her website as John, who owned a store in Ohio.

Upon further consideration, he realized that a handful of his clients were adding the same items to their websites, week after week, thereby duplicating each others' work. Sensing an opportunity to help his clients save time and money, Solarek asked the retailers to team up with a few popular vendors and share the data. Solarek asked the vendors to input and maintain the data in Bridge - saving the retailers the hassle. Using this platform, the data would then 'flow downstream' to the retailers' websites.

From that day, Bridge has grown from helping just 2 businesses to helping 1,000s of businesses share over 60,000 home goods products. Read more about Bridge's history »

How Are We Helping Our Members?

In 2019, our software will:


















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Glass Bazaar store
"We are very happy with the Bridge service."

John Kuykendall, Owner
Glass Bazaar, Knoxville, TN / 1-865-584-9072
Glass Bazaar store
"Our registry service is much better with Bridge. Guests want the shopping experience to be quick, painless, and easy, and that's exactly what they get with Bridge."

Lee Sandberg
Babcock Gifts, Memphis, TN